So realistic you’ll forget you’re playing indoors.

Let your customers improve their game and play over 200 golf courses around the world from the comfort of indoors

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Our systems deliver the much needed WOW factor.


We’ve been producing golf simulators since 2000...


Our auto-tee automatically tees up a golf ball for you every time leaving your customers no need to scrape around for balls and tees after every shot.

Swing Plate

Our patented, hydraulic swing plate adds the Wow factor and automatically matches the exact lie of every shot on every course, because we never play off a flat lie do we!

Playing Surfaces

Three distinct playing surfaces (fairway, rough, and bunker) provide for an unparalleled realistic feel and adds the jeopardy that we get offered in real-world circumstances. Golf isn't always played off of the fairway and we have that covered.

Let's talk Golf and business

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Around the world in over 200 courses (No annual fees)

Visit and play on Golfzon across the country. Our fast growing “Powered by Golfzon” centres are a great place to spend an hour competing, improving or just having some fun.

"I don't often say this about suppliers and contractors, but you and your team have been an absolute pleasure to work with, from the initial meeting, project management, installation and even the girls in the offices that do the billing and support. Everyone has been an absolute delivery to work with"

Graham Hefferman


"We have installed Golfzon here at Surbiton Golf Studio. I can continue to provide golf lessons and as an income stream it's been a revelation. What's more, Golfzon has become a social event"

John Wells

PGA Coach

I now can work on my game no matter the weather or outside conditions with real-time feedback from their impressive engineering system.

Matthew Wolff, 31st in PGA Tour · World Ranking

Technology and Graphics

The most advanced simulator with over 250 patents with 375 patents pending

High definition and realistic 3D graphics and sound

Combining HD images and topographic aerial photographs alongside of natural sounds of birds chirping and trees rustling. We utilise CryEngine2 technology to bring you the most realistic and crisp graphics.

Realistic shot reflection with the T1 sensor

Simultaneous shot reaction after hitting the ball as well as ball flight and distance which can change according to the air density and temperature. The T1 sensor captures your shot using high-speed cameras

Performance management and swing Replay

Record, review and compare your swing with other players. Scorecard, swing replay, green in regulation and average distance amongst others. Your best shots are automatically uploaded to your online account and app.

Play together online

Play in real-life with your mates or play a round of golf together, virtually (up-to 6 players)

Experience in real life

Track your game

Play with your friends and track your performance on over 200 courses worldwide

Swing replay

Swing Relay allows you to see your swing replay videos whilst playing a round and your best swing of the day is transmitted automatically to your online profile

Play together online

Play in real-life with your mates or play a round of golf together, virtually (up to 6 players)

Store your performance

Track ball flight and other key data points, stored directly on the cloud and accessible on the app

The Dilly Hotel

21 Piccadilly, London W1J 0BH

Goin Golf

Unit 5, 151 King St, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 3ER

Warwickshire golf centre

King Lear House Stratford Technology Park, Banbury Rd, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 7GZ

Players Lounge

Unit 5 Radford Way, Billericay CM12 0DX

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Best Simulator "5 years in a row"

Golf Digest Editors Choice (2017 - 2021)


Over 200 golf courses

From St Andrews to Pebble Beach


Official Training Simulator of the LPGA

And National Golf Teams of: Korea, Spain, Taiwan, and China


Unrivalled technology and graphics (250 patents with 375 patents pending)