So realistic you’ll forget you’re playing indoors.

Improve your game and play over 200 golf courses around the world with your friends from the comfort of your own home.

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simulators in operation in 63 countries (over 7,300 sites worldwide)


Golf Digest Editors Choice "Best Simulator" 5 years in a row (2017 - 2021)


world class courses


Million rounds played every year.

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A Luxury home Studio

A number of Golfzon displays are available for you to explore with just the click of a button...


We’ve been producing golf simulators since 2000...


Never pick up a ball again. An auto-tee automatically tees up a golf ball for you every time.

Swing Plate

Our patented, hydraulic swing plate automatically matches the contours and lies of the course up to 15 degrees.

Playing Surfaces

Three distinct playing surfaces (fairway, rough, and bunker) provide for an unparalleled realistic feel, just like playing on green grass.

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Around the world in over 200 courses

Play on over 200+ courses from Pebble Beach to St Andrews.

"I looked at a lot of simulators but there's just no comparison. Easily the best, most robust - and yes, you get what you pay for. Love playing this with the boys"

Liam Richardson

Bought Golfzon VISION in 2018

“Golfzon, the future of golf is now. Having Played a lot of prestigious golf courses, the fantastic graphics combined with the simulator technology makes it feel like you are outside playing on the course.”

David Leadbetter, Founder of Leadbetter Golf

Technology and Graphics

The most advanced simulator with over 250 patents with 375 patents pending

High definition and realistic 3D graphics and sound

Combining HD images and topographic aerial photographs alongside of natural sounds of birds chirping and trees rustling. We utilise CryEngine2 technology to bring you the most realistic and crisp graphics.

Realistic shot reflection with the T1 sensor

Simultaneous shot reaction after hitting the ball as well as ball flight and distance which can change according to the air density and temperature. The T1 sensor captures your shot using high-speed cameras

Performance management and swing Replay

Record, review and compare your swing with other players. Scorecard, swing replay, green in regulation and average distance amongst others. Your best shots are automatically uploaded to your online account and app.

Play together online

Play in real-life with your mates or play a round of golf together, virtually (up-to 6 players)

Experience in real life

Track your game

Play with your friends and track your performance on over 200 courses worldwide

Swing replay

Swing Relay allows you to see your swing replay videos whilst playing a round and your best swing of the day is transmitted automatically to your online profile

Play together online

Play in real-life with your mates or play a round of golf together, virtually (up to 6 players)

Store your performance

Track ball flight and other key data points, stored directly on the cloud and accessible on the app

“Buying a Golfzon was one of the best things I’ve done. My man cave is complete and having the lads round is a joy. I can spend time with the family instead of 8 hours a day out in the rain on the course.”

David Neeley

Bought Golfzon VISION in 2020

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Who are we?

Best Simulator "5 years in a row"

Golf Digest Editors Choice (2017 - 2021)


Over 200 golf courses

From St Andrews to Pebble Beach


Official Training Simulator of the LPGA

And National Golf Teams of: Korea, Spain, Taiwan, and China


Unrivalled technology and graphics (250 patents with 375 patents pending)