The only company to be awarded this accolade five years in a row

We are honoured to have received the 2021 Golf Digest "Editors Choice" Award for Best Premium Golf Simulator.


Making golf enjoyable & accessible for everyone

Our lifelike Simulators are suitable for a range of environments, uses and audiences, both residential or commercial.


Trusted by the best, Kevin Na is a proud Golfzon ambassador

"The Golfzon Vision systems are state of the art. I think it can help you play better out on the golf course.”


Seeing is believing

A Golf Simulator like no other you have tried or are likely to try in the future, but don't just take our word for it!

The future of golf simulation

A small selection of our award winning, innovative & patented golf simulator UK features & technologies. Watch the video to learn more.

  • Moving swing plate – realising undulations as they are.
  • Multi-surface hitting mats.
  • Smart auto tee-up – no need to bend over.
  • No timing delay, real-time ball flight.
  • Over 200 of the world’s best courses.
  • Continuous new course updates at no extra cost.
  • Never play alone – connect & share with other players.
  • Up to 6 players can play a round together.
  • Junior Tee-Box – play the same course together and evenly.
  • Record, save and share all your best shots.
  • Check your swing with the swing replay function.
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Golfzon the Company

At Golfzon, we’re making golf more fun and accessible. We’re taking fresh ideas and developing new technologies for the golf industry so that golfers all around the world can experience an exciting new era in the game. Golfzon is not just a golf simulator manufacturer, but a golfer’s lifetime partner. As a total golf culture company, Golfzon provides integrated services in all areas of enhancing, enjoying, and the sharing of golf.

Patented Tech & Golf Culture

Established in 2000, Golfzon has extensive top-level, global technology experience. About 50 percent of Golfzon’s employees are Research and Development Engineers. The company invests approximately 6 percent of its annual sales in R&D. Golfzon holds more than 250 patents, with about 375 patents pending. Implementing ball movement and the technology of 3D virtual golf is the unrivalled USP of Golfzon. Find out more below.

Golfzon Zoimaru

Seoul, South Korea

Golfzon is a global organisation with offices on every continent and in over 20 countries around the world.


We are the #1 selling golf simulator in the world with over 34,000 units sold.


Powered by performance data-tracking technologies, GDR Standard is quite simply – superior to your local driving range from the comfort of home.

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Convenient for installation and very competitively priced for it’s features. Recognised by Golf Digest for “Best Golf Simulator/Luxury category 2019”

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So realistic you’ll forget you’re even playing indoors. Recognised by Golf Digest for “Best Golf Simulator/Premium category 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021”.

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Golfzon golf simulators are fully customisable and compatible, with VISION, GDR software, T1 & T2 sensors able to work seamlessly together. Our simulators can be configured to meet any variety of indoor uses or environments, both residential and commercial.
About our technology

“The best in the game” choose us

Just one example of many similar acquisitions to bolster its portfolio, Golfzon acquired The Leadbetter Academy and it’s network of 40 Academies across the world in 2018. Following the announcement of their partnership, they attended the 2019 PGA Show together.

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“The simulator experience is so realistic, it’s amazing. From the adjustable electronic lies to the fantastic graphics of many of the world’s great golf courses, you feel like you are right there on the course! Golfzon, the future of golf is now.”
David Leadbetter

Golfzon by numbers


Over 34,000 simulators in operation in 63 countries (over 7,300 sites worldwide).


Over 65 million rounds of golf played on Golfzon simulators annually (150,000 rounds per day).


There is enormous community of 3.2 million online Golfzon members worldwide.


Average number of amateur tournaments held daily around the world.

World's best golf simulator

Golf Simulator UK

The Golfzon golf simulator UK has been voted the World’s best premium golf simulator 5 years running by Golf Digest magazine but don’t just take our word for it, read the full article via the link below.

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The official golf simulator of the LPGA Tour

Golfzon has been in partnership with the LPGA Tour since 2015. The LPGA is proud of it’s partnership with GOLFZON. From their simulator business to being the largest golf retailer in Korea, GOLFZON continues to expand its business areas and platforms to different areas of golf to help grow this great game.

As the “Official Golf Simulator of the LPGA,” GOLFZON has a presence on multiple LPGA platforms including the Tour’s websites as well as its social media platforms. It also has a presence on various worldwide LPGA telecasts and is on site at several LPGA tournaments.

This partnership between the LPGA, the world’s leading women’s professional golf tour in the world, and GOLFZON, the industry leader in golf simulation, marks a significant and meaningful partnership for both organisations as well as the world of golf.

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Golf simulator UK
Golf simulator UK

Build your own

Build your own man/woman cave at home with GOLFZON UK – the world’s best premium golf simulator. The whole world has changed as a result of Covid-19, so why not create your own safe, private haven for golf. You don’t have to burn a day to go to the driving range or play a 4hr+ round, leaving you free to enjoy more spare time at home with your family. Our simulators act as a full golf entertainment system, with endless options you will never get bored of.

GOLFZON’s unparalleled simulator technology lets you test your skills on pro courses like Pebble Beach, and experience the most realistic under foot undulations and angles with their patented hydraulic swing plate. Enjoy a round in the comfort and privacy of your own home on over 200 golf courses, without the need to check the weather forecast.

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Golfzon is a total golf culture company, providing integrated services in all areas of enhancing, enjoying, and the sharing of golf. Along with our chosen partners, our mission is to make golf more enjoyable for everyone. At Golfzon, we’re growing the popularity of golf through all of our products, services and technology.