Around 50% of our employees are R&D Engineers

We invest approximately 6% of annual sales turnover into research and development, and we hold more than 250 patents, with a further 375 pending.


Each simulator is equipped with high-speed cameras and proprietary sensors that accurately trace club movement and the impact of all shots. In a split second, calculations are made, including mishits and individual flaws, to provide the golfer with immediate and accurate feedback on their shot.

Adding to the sense of realism, the same fast real-time processing allows the display to show the launch and path of the ball, along with many other important parameters.

Going even further towards realistic simulation is Golfzon’s moving swing plate. More than a high-tech tee mat, it automatically adjusts to uphill, downhill, and side-hill lies, by simulating course slopes from the tee box to the putting green, with the user or coach able to determine the slope setting at the start of the session.

So real you’ll simply forget you’re playing indoors.

What makes us different?

Is it because of our rich HD graphics & analytical training features? or online social connectivity platform? or unique sensor technology, whereby we can track the dimples of any golf ball without the need for marking it in any way? or our 8 way hydraulic swing-plate with auto tee-up functionality and lifelike Multi-surface hitting mats? or the real-time ball flight with no timing delay? The features of our systems are endless.

Check out Golfzon’s state-of-the-art technology in the video.