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Played on a simulator, “screen golf” is indoors, cheap, accessible, and is now more popular in South Korea than the real-life version.

The sun was shining on the 10th green at Black Valley Country Club as Kang Duck-hee lined up a birdie putt on a recent Saturday afternoon. Kang, a 47-year-old insurance salesman, could hear birds chirping in the background. When his putt stopped short of the hole, he could even hear a collective moan from the crowd.

Except he wasn’t in the sun, he wasn’t near any birds and the only crowd was his two colleagues sitting on a couch a few feet behind him. He was in the basement of an apartment building more than 100 miles from the course.

“It’s much less stressful in here,” Kang said.

This, more than the real-life version, is golf in Korea. It is indoors, simulated, cheap and accessible. And it could be the future of golf in the U.S.

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