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Golfzon is the #1 selling golf simulator in the world
*Customisable options to suit your budget, space and needs.
  • GDR Software
  • Basic Screen & 5,000 ANSI Lumens Full HD Projector
  • T2 Sensor
  • Kiosk with Touch Monitor, Pedal Buttons
  • Card Reader and Membership Card
  • Swing Replay Camera
  • Side Camera and Stand
  • Grass Mat
  • Auto Tee-up and Ball Retrieval System

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Build your own GDR

Voted the best golf simulator in the world

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Golf Simulator UK
Kiosk with Touch Screen, Pedal Buttons Kiosk is all-in-one style with built-in sensor and system. Size: 1038mm x 443mm x 205mm. Weight: 38kg
Basic Screen. Displays projected image from projector to provide 3D terrain and sense of distance. Optional Rope/velcro/quiet rope/quiet velcro. Comes in a pair of 2 screens. Customised sizes available.
T2 Sensor. The GDR’s ultrahigh speed dual-camera sensor is easy to install, and it uses stereo vision technology to provide the most accurate data possible.
5,000 ANSI Lumens Full HD Projector. Brightness: 5,000 Ansi Lumens. Resolution: 1,024 x 768. Model and specifications are only recommendations, subject to change.
Card Reader and Membership Card. Allows automatic login to GS and easy access to other services.
Swing Replay Camera(recording and auto-save). SAMSUNG 41 million pixels, Optical Lens. Can be installed on the GS console internally or externally. Model and specifications are only recommendations, subject to change.
Auto Tee-up and Ball Retrieval System. Automatic ball feed during games for your convenience (rubber tee is replaceable after use). Minimum recommended ceiling height for installation 10.2(feet).
Side Camera & Stand. GDR Compact has a dual camera, front, and side, to analyse swing in various angles. Size: 36mm x 36mm. Resolution & frame: 320 x 240 (30fps). Connection: USB2.0/3.0 Compatible, Front/side same
Grass Mat. Optimized for the GDR sensor, GDR’s standard grass mat offers solid quality. Also compatible with the auto Tee-up system.

More than a launch monitor

A multidimensional game improvement system

Use every club in the bag to fine-tune your swing, ball-striking, ball flight and distance.

Golf simulator UK
The official simulator of the LPGA Tour

Golfzon Vision & Arcade Software
*Over 200 of the world's best courses or darts golf with Arcade
GDR Practice Modes

Driving Centre
Use every club in the bag to fine-tune your swing, ballstriking, ball flight and distance. Use “Pendulum mode” if you’re beginner. Try “Swing Tempo” mode to improve consistency. “Fitting” mode provides club-specific shot data.

Field Practice mode
Six courses are available for use in this mode, allowing you to practice shots that mimic actual on-course situations. You can hit tee shots, iron shots, pitches, chips and putts.

Level Test Mode
This allows the user to identify strengths and weakness for each area through 3 rounds of practice for 3 holes. Tee Shots, Second Shots, Approach Shots, and Putts are available.

Challenge mode
This mode is divided into tee shots, pitch shots and chips. Earn the necessary points within five practice sessions, and you might be elevated to the upper level. You can also check to see how you rank in real time against other Golfzon users around the world.

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Trusted by one of the best youth golf programs in the world

*GDR is used at the Korea National Golf Training Centre

Your Own Practice Range Powered by Precise Analysis

Golfzon makes practice fun. We also make our practice sessions smart by providing you with critical swing data that analyses distance, trajectory and club specific ball flight characteristics. The data you receive from the GDR system is accurate and intuitive giving you important insights to help take your game to the next level.

Powered by performance datatracking capabilities, GDR is the world’s smartest driving range that is guaranteed to elevate your game. The advanced high-speed dual-camera stereoscopic sensors uses stereo vision to capture the most accurate data possible of your club and ball.

A user-friendly 19 inch touch screen monitor and front camera are all included in the T2 Kiosk. There is also a side Swing Motion Camera. The GDR ultra high-speed, dual-camera sensor records at 2,000 frames per second and 120m/s ball capture speed. It also records up to 220mph ball speed and spin rates of 10,000rpm. It extracts shot data without the need for any additional hardware.

T2 Kiosk: Size (W x L x H) 2.3 x 1.2 x 3ft / 704 x 363 x 938mm – weight: 46kg
Booth width: Basic Type – 10′ 10″ / 3.3m or Dual Handed – 12′ 10″ / 3.5m
Projector to Screen: 24′ / 6.5m
Booth height: 10′ 5″ / 3.2m

Why Golfzon?


Driving Range Functions

Every time a stroke is made, as shown in the screenshot, the trajectories of the club head and the ball are drawn on the screen with details including launch angle, distance and much more.

“The simulator experience is so realistic, you feel like you are right out there on the course”.

David Leadbetter

Recognised as one of the world’s best golf coaches