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VISION software provides over 200 golf courses around the world rendered in high-definition/realistic 3D graphics for you to enjoy. New courses are updated without additional costs.

· St. Andrews Old · Angus Glen GC · North, PGA National · Cog Hill · Bethpage Black · Turnberry – Ailsa · The Glen Club · Celtic Manor · Pebble Beach Links · The Hong Kong GC · Harbour Town GL · Mission Hills · Kiawah Island – Ocean

Visit the Simulator Golf Courses page to view the whole library of Golfzon courses.

GOLFZON has acquired CE, FCC, IC, NRTL certification for all of its simulators. These certification mark employed on electronic products manufactured or sold in the country which certifies that the electromagnetic interference from the device is under limits approved by government party.

CE: Conformite European.
FCC: Federal Communications Commission.
IC: Industry Canada.
NRTL: Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory.

Failure to observe the precautions described in this section can cause injury or property damage.

To prevent fire or electric shock, observe the following precautions:

  • Do not disassemble the T1 Console.
  • If the power cable is damaged, replace it with a new one immediately.
  • Do not insert foreign objects into any part of the T1 Console.
  • Do not expose the T1 Console to moisture or liquids. If it is exposed to water, immediately unplug from power and contact a local authorized service provider for inspection.
  • Do not expose the T1 Console to extreme temperatures. Make sure the following environmental conditions are met:
  • Operating temperature: −10 to 55 °C (14 to 131 °F)
  • Operating humidity: Under 95% RH
  • Do not expose the T1 Console to direct sunlight.
  • Accumulated dust can cause static electricity build-up and discharge. Keep system components clean with routine dust removal and cleaning.

GOLFZON simulators are covered under GOLFZON’s warranty for 12 months from your date of installation. Simple issues such as PC malfunctions can usually be resolved through our remote services.

1. Screens need to be replaced once or twice a year, depending on usage.
2. Projector lamps are good for approximately 2,000 hours.
3. Grass hitting mats need to be replaced once or twice a year, depending on usage.
4. Rubber tee should be replaced once a year.

Limitation of Liability

Using the product in any way not described in this guide immediately voids the warranty on the product. The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

Failure resulting from negligent or inappropriate use.

Failure caused by improper preservation including, but not limited to, corrosion, dropping, and flooding.

Failure resulting from repairs or modifications performed by any unauthorized party.

Failure caused by force majeure events, including voltage fluctuation and natural disasters such as storm, fire, earthquake, and lightning.

Use of any software other than that provided by GOLFZON.

Modification of the software using reverse engineering tools, including, but not limited to, decompilers.

***Golfzon UK has a team of fully qualified technicians & engineers which service the whole of the UK.

Before you can enjoy your Golfzon simulator, you’ll need to construct a booth that includes walls, ceiling and flooring that fit our specifications. Thankfully, unlike our competitors we have an in house team who are fully qualified to provide this and we also carry out the fitting free of charge as part of your purchase.

We provide:

1. Detailed specifications, drawings and guide for properly constructing your booth.
2. Final approval of your booth before our system technician arrives to install your simulator.

Why not try Putting Practice Mode first

Touch [Menu] > [Field Practice] > [Putting Practice]. See Field Practice Group for the environmental options. In this mode, you can use every hole of a golf course for putting practice.

Change the ball position.
Touch the [Change Location] button and touch a spot on the map. Alternatively, touch the [Auto Select] button and choose one of the options that appear.

Change the pin position.
Touch [Change Location] > [Pin Location] and choose one of the options.

Change the green condition.
Touch [Change Location] > [Green Status] and choose one of the options.

Skip to the next hole.
Touch the [Next Hole] button.

View the target spot from the ball’s viewpoint.
Touch [Features] > [View Target].

Look at the ground at knee height.
Touch [Features] > [Lower View].

Hide grid lines.
Touch [Features] > [View/Hide Grid].

You should expect about eight weeks from your date of purchase until installation is completed. GOLFZON simulators are manufactured in and shipped from South Korea.

Once your order is confirmed, it can take up to three weeks to prepare your simulator for shipping. That includes manufacturing, examination, packaging, inland transport and preparation for shipping from Busan Port, South Korea.

For ocean freight, transit time is four weeks to North America or Europe. Allow an additional week for customs then transport and fitting.

Yes! The Golfzon app can be downloaded for free from Google Play or Apple store. Once you have created a profile with Golfzon the app will record all your rounds of golf, including your stats for average driving distance, fairway & green percentages and average putts per round. After a few rounds, it will calculate your handicap, which can be used in leagues and tournaments.

Play Different!


  • GOLFZON simulator supports Stroke, match play, New Perio and various round options.
  • Based on personal round records, users can review scorecard and shot data analysis.
  • Also, you can communicate with friends by sharing round data or by SNS sharing function.

My Swing Replay

  • You can check your club swinging video and also see other users’ swings.
  • If you share your swing replay, you can be recommended or communicate with users by reply comments.

Compare to

  • Compare your round record with your friends by various measures such as average score, flying distance, fairway hitting rate and so on.

Golfzon Live Festival (Tournaments)

  • Find out online tournaments list and rankings.
  • Ranking, Longest shot, Nearest to the pin, scores and swing replays are available.


  • Find out GOLFZON fellow users’ statistics such as Daily ranking, Longest flying distance, average score and so on.


  • See where is the nearest GOLFZON location

Language support

  • English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese language available.

Plus much more…

Golfzon simulators are extremely accurate, and distances are very similar to what you would hit outdoors. If you hit a 7 iron 150 yards outdoors, you will hit it the same distance on our simulators. Note that bounce & roll distances are always very consistent on the simulators, while outdoors balls will run out very differently depending on the conditions.

It really does. The Golfzon hydraulic swing plate actually lifts and tilts to replicate sidehill and downhill lies, providing that extra challenge and a more realistic playing experience. Plus, there are fairway, rough & sand areas to hit from. Don’t try to cheat though! The system knows where the ball is & will assess you a distance penalty if you inadvertently play your shot from the wrong area.

Because the Golfzon high speed cameras and sensors are above – not at the screen, you are free to be as creative as you want with your short game. High flop shots or soft chips are no problem for Golfzon simulators – play whatever shot you want!