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Golfzon Zoimaru, Daejeon, South Korea


Golfzon Tower

Seoul, South Korea


Golfzon is a global leader in golf simulation

63: Number of countries where GOLFZON has a presence, and incredibly this also includes The Antarctic.


GOLFZON is a global leader in the golf simulator industry, with over 34,000 simulators in 63 countries across 7,300 sites worldwide. The company’s growth has been explosive since it was established in South Korea in 2000.

Today, over 65 million rounds of golf are played annually on GOLFZON simulators, an average of 150,000 daily, and 356 amateur tournaments are played every day by over 3.2 million online members with over 2.3 million Golfzon app downloads. Proving the reliability and quality of GOLFZON’s state-of-the-art technology, the Men’s and Women’s GTOUR Championships — simulated tournaments — are broadcast live in Korea and Japan.

GOLFZON Chairman Kim Young Chan started GOLFZON as a small venture company specializing in golf simulators that has developed into a large contributor to golf industry growth in South Korea.

GOLFZON has sought to overcome the entry barrier to golf and expand the number of golfers under the corporate philosophy, “making golf enjoyable for everyone,” believing that golf should be no longer exclusive for the upper class. With a simulation-based business model consisting of golf, IT and culture, GOLFZON has the largest market share in the global golf simulator business.

In 2016, GOLFZON expanded its focus to the United States market, establishing headquarters in Virginia and targeting the Northeast U.S. for its initial sales efforts. The following year, GOLFZON’s chairman was selected as one of the world’s top 10 golf innovators and the company formed partnerships with the National Golf Course Owners Association and the Metropolitan Golf Association.

GOLFZON’s simulators have made the playing of indoor “screen golf” a sensation in South Korea, where access to green-grass courses is limited. Young people are flocking to the game, and GOLFZON cafés have become social hubs and after-hours meeting points for workers of all ages.


We are challenging the global frontier via our network of overseas offices and distributors. We now have a presence in 63 countries, including Asia, America and Europe with specialties such as Azerbaijan Presidential Palace and the Antarctica Research Camp.

Australia / Bangladesh / China / Guam / Hong Kong / India / Indonesia / Japan / Korea / Laos / Malaysia / Papua New Guinea / Singapore / Taiwan / Thailand / Vietnam

Andorra / Austria / Cyprus / Czechia / Denmark / Finland / France / Germany / Greece / Italy / Poland / Lativia / Netherlands / Russia / Slovakia / Sweden / Switzerland / U.K.

Algeria / Angola / Egypt / Gabon / Guinea / Libya / Mauritius / Morocco / Nigeria / South Africa

Middle East & Central Asia
Azerbaijan / Bahrain / Iraq / Israel / Kazakhstan / Kuwait / Oman / Saudi Arabia / Turkey / Turkmenistan / Uzbekistan / U.A.E / Uzbekistan

Bolivia / Canada / Haiti / Mexico / USA

The Antarctic
Antarctic King Sejong Station / Antarctic Admiral Jangbogo Station


A brief overview of our journey, including some important milestones – from our very beginnings, right through to the present day Golfzon.

May 2000

Established Golfzon

Sep 2006

Launched Golfzon Live

Oct 2007

Launched ‘Swing Replay’ Service

Dec 2008

Achieve 100 billion won in sales

May 2009

Established Golfzon Japan

Jun 2009

Established Golfzon Networks

Mar 2011

Established Golfzon China

Apr 2011

Launched Golfzon Academy

Jan 2012

Business in partnership with GolfSmith

May 2012

Launched GTOUR (Professional Simulation Golf Tour)

Apr 2014

Launched GGL (Global Golfzon Live Online Service)

Oct 2014

Adopted Golfzon simulators as an 'Official Golf Simulator of the LPGA’

Jan 2015

Opened Golf and Culture Complex Centre ‘Golfzon Zoimaru’.
Signing MOU with GolfTec.

May 2015

Established Golfzon Newdin Holdings

Mar 2016

Adopted Golfzon GDR as an ‘Official Train tool Supplier of Nation Golf Team of China’

Sep 2016

Established Golfzon America
Signing MOU with LeTV, China

Nov 2016

Holding a 1st International Golfzon tournament

Dec 2016

Exceed 50 million rounds

Jan 2017

Adopted Golfzon GDR as an ‘Official Train tool Supplier of Nation Golf Team of Taiwan’

Apr 2017

Chosen as an Editors’ Choice Award winner for ‘Best Simulator’ by Golf Digest

May 2017

Adopted Golfzon simulators as an ‘Official Golf Simulator Partner of the NGCOA’

Jun 2017

Adopted Golfzon simulators as an ‘Official Golf Simulator of the MGA’

Sep 2017

Holding a 2nd International Golfzon Tournament

Apr 2018

Established Golfzon Vietnam
Established Golfzon Qingdao
Chosen as an Editors’ Choice Award winner for ‘Best Simulator’ by Golf Digest

Jul 2018

Adopted as an ‘Official Train tool Supplier of Spain Golf Federation

Aug 2018

Acquirement of Leadbetter Golf Academy (LGA)

Oct 2018

Holding a 3rd International Golfzon Tournament

Apr 2019

Chosen as an Editors’ Choice Award winner for ‘Best Simulator’ by Golf Digest

Nov 2019

Launching a new business brand, ZSTRICT

Feb 2020

Signing MOU with Golf Saudi, Saudi Arabia