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The versatility of our golf simulators means that they are perfect for a wide range of uses and environments. Depending on your requirements, we will have a custom solution to meet your needs, whether that is commercial or residential in nature. Use the submenu to scroll to the different Golfzon application sections for further information about it’s suitability for your particular project.

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Create the dream man/woman golf cave with Golfzon, the world’s best golf simulator system. Enjoy a round in the comfort and privacy of your own home choosing from over 200 golf courses, without the need to check the weather forecast or leave your front door.

Restaurants & Bars

Our Award Winning, state of the art Golfzon Simulators provide the most accurate indoor golfing simulation available bar none. That’s precisely why State-of-the-art leisure and dining venues like The Players Lounge in Essex choose and trust us to supply their indoor golf systems.


The Hôtel Royal Genève at The 5 Star Evian Resort in Switzerland chose to partner with Golfzon because they recognised that our systems are simply the best. The finished result has created a stunning purpose built golf simulator room, providing guests with the ultimate indoor golf experience.

Golf Courses or Clubs

Keep your members on-site and using facilities for as long as possible. Installing a Golfzon simulator has many long term social benefits such as introducing new players to the game, or when the course is unplayable, too busy or simply just to keep warm whilst enjoying a beer playing their favourite game during the winter.

Health & Fitness Centres

Fitness has become an integral part of golf, with players of all ages trying to find an edge, whether that is by incorporating yoga, strength training, CrossFit, spin classes or pilates into their routine. Many UK gyms and fitness clubs have already embraced this by adding golf simulators to their list of equipment.


Make the ultimate statement to your business connections by installing a Golfzon simulator in your office, so that you can impress and entertain clients or customers during important meetings, or maybe for only yourself and staff to unwind and build camaraderie.

Driving ranges

Our simulators have graced ranges around the world, none more acclaimed that those of the KLPGA tour. Where accurate data is key for elite players, Golfzon (The official golf simulator of the LPGA Tour in America) systems deliver time after time.

Cruise Ships

Being on a cruise doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your tee time – in fact, most cruises offer their own twist on golf to ensure passengers can practice their game. Golfzon simulators will keep your guests entertained at all times with the enormous amount of courses and features on our systems.

Colleges or Universities

A perfect and comprehensive choice to track and develop the talent of your golf program students, Golfzon systems have been specifically chosen for good reason as the ‘Official Training Simulators’ of the National Golf Team of Korea, China, Taiwan and Spain.