Kevin Na’s Golfzon story

Awarded Best Simulator in Golf Digest’s Premium category for the fourth consecutive year, Golfzon’s Vision premium golf simulator is trusted by amateurs as well as the world’s best professionals alike, including five-time PGA TOUR winner, Kevin Na.

“The great thing about Golfzon is I can go play any course I need to and get a practice round in. Whatever the contours of the course, Golfzon will adjust and that’s very cool. With this feature along with the bunker and rough areas, it really makes you feel like you’re playing a real golf course.”

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How Golfzon Fits His Lifestyle

Five-time PGA TOUR Champion and fan-favorite, Kevin Na, took time out of a recent afternoon to demo his home Golfzon for our social community. Watch the video opposite to see Kevin’s set-up.

“I really like the Golfzon putting system, it’s got the grids where you can read the break and really focus. I think it can help you play better out on the golf course. Golfzon sensors are state of the art, for even a little shot that only goes 5 feet. You can practice yardages where you know exactly how far your ball is going, ball speed, shape of the shot. Afterwards, you can look at the camera and see how you swung at the ball and analyse what you did wrong. I also like the auto-tee because you feel like you have a caddie. Because you’re online, your system is constantly updated and you always have the latest version. You can also play with someone half way across the world.”